Friday, July 15, 2011

Losing My Blood-Donating Virginity!

Is fun!

Ignore the picture in obviously made-up pain above.

Tuesday (12/7) the nice people from the Hospital Queen Elizabeth (I think) came to suck the blood from all us student-to-be in SMK LIKAS. And the turn-out was more than expected.

I skipped Geogarfi Manusia class to do this (noble?) deed. Of course, losing my blood-donating virginity didn't come with my its fair share of complications.

So after I registered and checked my blood type (B-positive!) and checked my blood-haemoglobin levels (16.1?) and also my blood pressure (a healthy 120/80), when I ask the nice nurse about all the number that stated in a reading of blood pressure machine (Thingmajigy?), The nurse said my heart beat shows 'im nervous' (It's true!). Next, I go to the station B got my gear (a empty packet for my blood with a label B and some kind of tube in a pink basket) and gift (a Pack of milo energy drink and biscuits), when i wait the nurse to prepare my gear I botter the nurse with kinda funny question Haha! After the all my gear are ready the nurse said to me "You are such a brave boy, many a boy like you are afraid to donate their blood" (Cause the needle are to big i think?). After all that happen, I waited in line.

With my spare time, I went around to my other friends' sits and recited Yaasin to them and threat them to cut the tube where the blood flow to the packet. They sure were freaked out.

THEN (jeng, jeng, jeng) it was my turn. My nurse told me to relax while she (expertly?) inserted the syringe into my arm.

I really pass out, ok!

Then, disturbers-of-peace came out of nowhere to give me much needed "encouragement" in the form of cam-whoring around me (Other hand still ok to cam-whore). Many-many-many form of disturbers around me (actually), such as the kiddo ask me about what I feel.. "Is that hurts?" And see how the blood work out to the packet. 

Those nice people got my mind of the needle for a while (although it wasn't that painful, really). But then our lovely nurse trying to get my blood to come out by squeeze the batton.  Then, the nurse also gave words of comfort to me, saying that this wasn't uncommon among blood-donating virgins like myself. Asides being B-positive, it's also the shy type, my blood. (Unlike the owner of the blood.)

It took all of 6-8 minutes to extract a 450 mL of blood from me (the others bled out 450 mL in less than 5 minutes). Then my vein swelled up and the needle had to be extracted. And that was the end of that. Some my friend, the nurse tried adjusting the needle several times to encourage blood flow, but they blood just wouldn't come out. (Too thick, the nurse said.) For me, the nurse feel easy to adjust my blood flow.

I felt great that I able to donate the full 450 mL, as the Sabahan say, Hebat O kau! (You're Awesome?)

I'm looking forward to donating again in the near future if the opportunity presents itself.

I would like to thank to all my friends for snapping the pics of my virginity loss, and all the others that came and gave support to me. Thank you so much!


p/s: My first entry in Matsaleh language! :))
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